Sunday, April 02, 2006

a reader writes: where are the podcasts from recent sessions?

Hello to those coming to this blog for the first time after hearing Fr. Roderick mention the podcasts for our program in episode #99 of the Daily Breakfast.

A recent visitor asked:
I'm puzzled that I can't seem to find any more podcasts of the class more recent than October. Am I looking in the wrong place, or for some reason did they decide to quit podcasting?
Actually, we have been recording most of the sessions since October, but I haven't had much time to edit the audio. And when Fr. Roderick contacted me and offered to help produce / edit the podcasts, and encouraged me to upgrade to some better recording equipment, I stopped posting new content. I don't know how soon additional podcasts will be available, but be assured that we will resume posting additional casts as they are available.


Anonymous said...

Please Hurry! - I agree - I am really enjoying them.
Amarillo, TX

Anonymous said...

I too want to encourage you to post the missing podcasts. I found your sessions to be very interesting, and look forward to more. I particularly appreciated the intellectual dimension.

Louisville, KY