Monday, November 14, 2005

audio podcasts now available

The opening session of the program is now available as a series of audio podcasts.

To subscribe to the feed for this podcast, you will need to use the following URL in your podcatching program (such as iTunes):

For a visual (Flash) demonstration of how to subscribe to a podcast, click here.

If you're using iTunes, this is the easiest way to subscribe.


Anonymous said...

I'm currently going through an RCIA program here in Illinois. While it doesn't lessen my faith, the program I'm in leaves a lot to be desired. Your podcasts are truly inspiring for me, especially as someone who also has an education in the arts. Please, please, keep posting the podcasts of your meetings. It looks like you're a month behind and I'm hoping you're not forgetting to record the sessions!! :(

Thanks again, and I look forward to new podcasts.

Clayton said...

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

I have recorded all five sessions to date. With my day job, and various other extracurricular activities in Hollywood, I haven't had much time to edit all of this audio, but I am hoping to deliver one archived show per week.

You might also enjoy a talk Barbara recently gave on the artist and the sacraments:

God bless in your time as a catechumen...